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Openings, SF, October 2, 2008 - BTN Reviews

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San Francisco, 10.02.08

Room for Painting Room for Paper:
Inaugural exhibition presenting
Judith Belzer's The Inner Life of Trees: Recent Paintings and
Tama Hochbaum's Composite Trees: Digital Photographs 07>08.
Artists: Judith Belzer and Tama Hochbaum

RFPRFP has put together a lovely show of works that complement each other nicely. In the Room for Painting, Judith Belzer's The Inner Life of Trees: Recent Paintings presents a series of canvases whose representational strategies include the lights and darks of grains of wood. The imagery evokes not only the material quality of wood, but also topographical lines of landscapes, ocean waves, and sound waves, conveying echoes, rumors, and a sense of narrative. Tama Hochbaum's Composite Trees: Digital Photographs 07>08 in the Room for Paper tells its own tale from composite pieces created from photos taken from a laptop camera while traveling. The imagery ranges from still "portraits" of trees with titles such as "Christmas Eve at Rite Aid" that suggest warm summer nights to pieces that abstract the landscape into a interlacing of forms. The show was well attended and RFPRFP self-publishes useful hard-cover books for each artist.

Some Highlights: Judith Belzer and Tama Hochbaum

Judith Belzer
The Inner Life of Trees, #2, 2008

Tama Hochbaum
Evening at Gimghoul, 2008


Baer Ridgway Exhibitions:
Tim Roda: Family Album
Artist: Tim Roda

Tim Roda offers a vision of his personal and familial world whose particulars he hopes will resonate with different viewers. His Family Album, consisting of photos created in collaboration with his wife and son, exudes a liberated sense of carnivalesque play. Each photo has a cinematic stage set with props/toys of masks, wigs, and costumes that Roda and his son use as a launching point for poses, looks, and an expression of love between father and son. The props for performance also include the hardware usually reserved for behind the film camera: lights, wires, cords, and ropes. Roda weaves these items into some of his narratives and improvisations, tinging the scenes with a haunting feeling of danger and vulnerability. Dare I say Pasolini meets Mr. Bungle? I got there on the late side, so perhaps the show was better attended earlier on. I highly recommend a visit.

Some Highlights: Tim Roda
13.10 Which Fulfills the Prophecy of Christ's Second Coming, 2008


Cafe Royale:
Jessalyn Aaland: Secret Garden
Artist: Jessalyn Aaland

Inspired by Hogson Burnett's novel of the same title, Aaland's collages build landscapes out of figures, architectural structures, and colorful foods such as cherries and donuts, landscapes in which innocence and a sense of resolution are possible. In line with her aim to create works that share her internal place of calm, Aaland confidently values the white areas within the frame as breathing room in her world. This is curator, Alicia's, last show at Cafe Royale, which was well-attended by a supportive crowd.

Some Highlights: Jessalyn Aaland

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